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Iceland: Car and Plane tickets only

I had heard about the beauty of Iceland. I decided to go. I was busy, so did enough research to know that hotels would be available and that I could drive the Ring Road in a week. So, I booked my flights and a car rental and went. I remember going through Customs and the officer asked where I was staying. I responded "wherever I decide because I am driving the Ring Road." He asked me what the speed limit was. I said I didn't know, but thought that there would be signs. He recommended that I ask at the car rental place. I had other issues at the car rental place - there was an issue with my reservation - but got that reserved then drove to Godafoss. After visiting Godafoss, I traveled the Ring Road. When I got tired, I either stopped at the Information office to get assistance with a hotel or found a hotel. I did not have any issues.

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